Successful Businesses Deliver Meaningful Customer Experiencesby Steve Diller, Nathan Shedroff, and Darrel Rhea

Core Meaning #1: Accomplishment

In a market economy characterized by commoditized products and global competition, how do companies gain deep and lasting loyalty from their customers?

The key is in providing meaningful customer experiences.

Writing in the tradition of Louis Cheskin, one of the founding fathers of market research, the authors of Making Meaning observe, define, and describe the meaningful customer experience. By consciously evoking certain deeply valued meanings through their products, services, and multidimensional customer experiences, they argue, companies can create more value and achieve lasting strategic advantages over their competitors.

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Making Meaning
: How 


“We're now hip deep, if not drowning, in the ‘experience economy.’ Here's the smartest book I've read so far that can actually help get your brand to higher ground, fast. And it's written by people who not only drew the map, but blazed these trails in the first place.”

Brian Collins, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy + Mather Worldwide