Table of Contents

Introduction: Meaning: The Heart and Soul of Innovation

One: The Road to Meaning
From Mass to Niche 
From Identity to Experience
The Demand for Meaning

Two: The Value of Meaning
Experience Defined
The Meaning of Meaning
Shared Meaning
Personal Meaning
Corporate Meaning

ThreeMeaning on a Global Scale
Experiences with Global Appeal
But What About?
Turning the Ordinary into the Meaningful

Four: Meaningful Innovation
Defining Your Company's Innovation Culture
Structuring Change
Making Decisions

Five: Designing Meaningful Experiences
Design Intent
The Process

Six: Identifying the Opportunity for Meaning
Defining the Process
Understanding the Customer
Choosing and Confirming

Seven: Framing the Experience
Choosing the Experience
Defining Scope

Eight: Shaping the Concept 
Breadth of Experience
Duration of Experience

Nine: Delivering Reality
Confirming Perceptions

Ten: The End in Sight
Perpetual Production
The Experience Company
Maintaining the Mindset
Tracking the Future
A Second Opinion

Eleven: Moving Forward
What's the Future?


"A visionary, eye-opening book that tackles the critical emerging question: When everything is possible, what is necessary? Authored by top leaders in the field, it is a must-read for anyone looking towards the future, for it brilliantly illustrates one of the promising keys to business success."

Marco Steinberg, Associate Professor, Harvard University, Graduate School of Design