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Making Meaning: How Successful Companies Deliver Meaningful Experiences


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15 Meanings
Making Meaning
佐久総合病院の最終章の活動のキーワードM-SAKU Netに対応させたものを著作すること。

“In 20 years of collaboration with Cheskin on major marketing initiatives, they have always delivered leading edge thinking. With Making Meaning, they continue to demonstrate new, powerful insights on driving brand and product innovation in ways that develop deeper, longer lasting relationships with consumers.”

Steve Hughes
Former CEO of Celestial Seasonings

What types of meaningful experiences do people value? In the course of helping companies develop products and services that suit their markets, every year we interview over 100,000 individuals from countries and cultures around the world. In these interviews, we’ve found commonalities among the meanings people feel strongly about, whether we’re studying the adoption of new software in Poland or the purchase of toothbrushes in Florida.

We’ve compiled a list of these meanings, but it is far from exhaustive. We’ve found potentially dozens of types of meaningful experiences and at least as many possible ways to characterize them. What we concentrate on here are 15 of the meanings that emerge most frequently in these interviews and appear to be universal among people’s values. While the relative importance of these meaningful experiences might vary and their interpretation could differ slightly, all cultures seem to recognize their significance. This is good news for businesses, because it means that there is a certain constancy among human needs that transcends the distinctions of culture and language.

(Since none of these meaningful experiences is more or less important than any other, we’ve presented them in alphabetical order)




1. Accomplishment
Achieving goals and making something of oneself; a sense of satisfaction that can result from productivity, focus, talent, or status. American Express has long benefited from transmitting a hint of this meaning to its card holders by establishing itself as a credit card intended for those who are successful. Nike relies on the essence of this meaning for many in its “Just Do It” campaign.


目標を達成すると自分自身の何かを作って、生産性、フォーカス、才能、また​​は状況に起因することができ満足感。アメリカン·エキスプレスは、長い成功している人のために意図されたクレジットカードとしての地位を確立することにより、カード所有者には、この意味のヒントを送信するの恩恵を受けてきた。ナイキはその "Just Do It"のキャンペーンの多くは、この意味の本質に依存しています。

2. Beauty
The appreciation of qualities that give pleasure to the senses or spirit. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder and thus highly subjective, but our desire for it is ubiquitous. We aspire to beauty in all that surrounds us, from architecture and fine furnishing to clothing and cars. Enormous industries thrive on the promise of beauty stemming from shinier hair, whiter teeth, and clearer skin. Beauty can also be more than mere appearance. For some, it is a sense that something is created “correctly” or efficiently with an elegance of purpose and use. Companies such as Bang & Olufsen audio equipment and Jaguar automobiles distinguish themselves through the beauty of their design.


感覚や精神に喜びを与えるの資質の感謝。もちろん美しさは見る人の目のため、非常に主観的なものになりますが、そのために私たちの願いは、普遍的である。我々は、アーキテクチャと高級家具から衣服や車に、私たちを取り囲んでそのすべての美しさを目指しています。巨大な産業は光沢毛、より白い歯、より明確な皮膚に由来する美の約束で繁栄する。美しさも単なる外観以上になることができます。いくつかのために、それは何かが目的と利用の優雅さと "正しく"または効率的に作成されるという意味です。そのようなBang&Olufsenのオーディオ機器とジャガー自動車などの企業は、デザインの美しさを介して自分自身を区別する。

3. Community
A sense of unity with others around us and a general connection with other human beings. Religious communities, unions, fraternities, clubs, and sewing circles are all expressions of a desire for belonging. The promise and delivery of community underlies the offerings of several successful organizations including NASCAR with its centralizing focus on car racing and leagues of loyal fans that follow the race circuit, Harley-Davidson motorcycles and their Harley Owners Group (HOG), and Jimmy Buffet with his dedicated Parrotheads. These businesses attract and support user communities who embody specific values tied to their products and services.



4. Creation
The sense of having produced something new and original, and in so doing, to have made a lasting contribution. Besides driving our species to propagate, we enjoy this experience through our hobbies, the way we decorate our home, in telling our stories, and in anything else that reflects our personal choices. Creation is what makes “customizable” seem like a desirable attribute, rather than more work for the buyer, for example, making the salad bar a pleasure rather than a chore.


新しく、元の何かを作り出した、そうすることで、永続的な貢献をしたとの意味。伝播するために我々の種の駆動に加えて、我々は、私たちの趣味を通じて、私たちは私たちの話をして、そして私たちの個人的な選択が反映されて何か他のもので、私たちの家を飾る方法をこの体験を楽しむことができます。作成が作るものである "カスタマイズ"は、サラダバーの喜びよりもむしろ雑用を作って、たとえば、むしろ買い手のためのより多くの仕事より望ましい属性、のように思える。

5. Duty
The willing application of oneself to a responsibility. The military in any country counts on the power of this meaning, as do most employers. Duty can also relate to responsibilities to oneself or family, such as reading the daily paper to stay abreast 
of the news. Commercially, anything regarded as “good for you,” including vitamins, medications, Cross-Your-Heart bras, and cushioned insoles relays some sense of duty and the satisfaction it brings.



ニュースの。商業的には、何も、ビタミン、薬、クロス - あなたのハートブラジャーと、クッション性のあるインソールリレー義務のいくつかの意味とそれがもたらす満足度など、 "あなたのために良い"とみなす。

6. Enlightenment
Clear understanding through logic or inspiration. This experience is not limited to those who meditate and fast, it is a core expectation of offerings from Fox News, which promises “fair and balanced” reporting, the Wall Street Journal, which many consider the ultimate authority for business news, and the Sierra Club, which provides perspective on environmental threats and conservation.


ロジックやインスピレーションを通して明確に理解する。この経験は、それが多くのフォックスビジネスニュースのための究極の権威を考える "公正かつバランスのとれた"報道、ウォールストリートジャーナルを約束ニュース、そしてシエラからの製品のコア期待している、瞑想し、速い人に限定されるものではなく、環境の脅威と保全に関する視点を提供するクラブ。

7. Freedom
The sense of living without unwanted constraints. This experience often plays tug-of-war with the desire for security; more of one tends to decrease the other. Nevertheless, freedom is enticing, whether it’s freedom from dictators, or in the case of Google, the freedom to quickly search the Web learning and interacting with millions of people and resources.



8. Harmony
The balanced and pleasing relationship of parts to a whole, whether in nature, society, or an individual. When we seek a work/life balance, we are in pursuit of harmony. Likewise, when we shop at Target for a toaster that matches our mixer, we are in pursuit of harmony. Much of the aesthetic appeal of design depends on our personal desire for the visual experience of harmony.



9. Justice
The assurance of equitable and unbiased treatment. This is the sense of fairness and equality that underlies our concept of “everyman” or Average Joe. It helps explain the immense popularity of the Taurus and the Camry, the ranch house, Levi jeans, and white cotton T-shirts—all products with a simple, impartial appeal to a very broad audience.


公平かつ公正な待遇の確保。これは、 "ごく普通の人"または平均ジョーの考え方の根底にあることを公正と平等の感覚です。それは非常に幅広い視聴者への簡単な、公平な魅力と牡牛座とカムリの絶大な人気、牧場の家、リーバイスのジーンズ、白の綿のTシャツ - すべての製品を説明するのに役立ちます。

10. Oneness
A sense of unity with everything around us. It is what some seek from the practice of spirituality and what others expect from a good tequila. Although we don’t normally think of them as a company, the Grateful Dead sustained its revenues for decades building an experience that connected with its fans’ desire for oneness. Similarly, organizations that connects their members into nature or a broader sense of the world, like the Monterey Bay Aquarium or the United Nations, are capable of evoking a meaning of oneness.



11. Redemption
Atonement or deliverance from past failure or decline. Though this might seem to stem from negative experiences, the impact of the redemptive experience is highly positive. Like community and enlightenment, redemption has a basis in religion, but it also attracts customers to Weight Watchers, Bliss spas, and the grocery store candy aisle. Any sensation that delivers us from a less desirable condition to another, more pleasing, one can be redemptive.



12. Security
The freedom from worry about loss. This experience has been a cornerstone of civilization but in the U.S. in particular, acquired increased meaning and relevance after 9/11. On the commercial side, the desire for this experience created the insurance business, and it continues to sell a wide range of products from automatic rifles to Depends undergarments to credit cards that offer protection from identity theft.



13. Truth
A commitment to honesty and integrity. This experience plays an important role in most personal relationships, but it also is a key component of companies like Whole Foods, Volkswagen, and Newman’s Own, all of which portray themselves as simple, upright, and candid.



14. Validation
The recognition of oneself as a valued individual worthy of respect. Every externally branded piece of clothing counts on the attraction of this meaningful experience whether it’s Ralph Lauren Polo or Old Navy, as does Mercedes Benz, the Four Seasons hotel chain, and any other brand with status identification as a core value.



15. Wonder
Awe in the presence of a creation beyond one’s understanding. While this might sound mystical and unattainable, consider the wonder that Las Vegas hotels create simply through plaster and lights. Disney has been a master of this experience for decades, and technology companies routinely evoke awe as they enable their users to do what seemed impossible the year before.